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Fountains in a Drought?

We've all seen them lately, the fountains in the mud or shooting sideways. Seeing this, coupled with a growing concern among property managers and homeowners about the current state of their fountain in an almost empty lake, has led us to adapt. We have finally started to get some much needed rain, but water levels across the state are still low. So, how do we tell when it has become an issue to run our fountains?

It has been business as usual here at Florida Water Features, going about cleaning and servicing our list of clients. We have however, added a tool to our repertoire in order to measure the depth below the intake on every fountain we visit. Depending upon the levels we measure, we can advise our property managers of the best course of action to take.

Man made lakes, or retention ponds, in Florida, are dug between 9 and 15 feet with a gradually sloping shoreline. We can monitor the drought's effects on the water level in these lakes. Here are a few signs to look out for when the water level in the lake starts to change.:

1. Loose Moorings - Most fountains on the market today have some sort of mooring system to anchor the unit in place. These moorings will become loose and show signs of slack as the water level drops.

2. Jet Height - The height of the jet(s) will change the lower the fountain gets in the water. This is a result of the pump having to work harder and harder as the intake begins to suck from the bottom.

3. Leaning - Some units will begin to lean to one side or the other before the intake becomes clogged. This is a sure sign that the fountain needs to be turned off because it is on the bottom.

At the end of the day, if your are at all in doubt about the status of your floating fountain at any time please don't hesitate to contact us. Water features are a precious asset to any body of water and no landscape is the same without its presence. If you are already under contract with us do not worry - we've got you covered. If you haven't heard from us yet about your fountain you can contact us and we will fill you in on the status of your pond.

Healthy Lake, Happy Fountain
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