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Aeration Bubbles

Why Aerate?

The purpose of aeration is to assist lakes in diffusing oxygen from the atmosphere and mixing all the waterlevels in the lake. By artificially diffusing air to the lake's floor the water in the lake is de-stratified, thus causing a whole host of benefits for the lake and its inhabitants.

De-stratification is a fancy way of describing the circulation of the lake water to remove the cool and warm water zones within the lake.  This aids in the natural decay process removing nutrients from the lake bottom, helps in removing harmful bacteria and odors, and can contribute to slower algae growth.

Our Aerators

Depending on the specific circumstance we have several aeration options that we offer.

All aerators we install have heavy duty all weather housings as well as thick wall, non-kinking, weighted hose. We offer a variety of different diffusers, so tackling a specific issue is not a problem.

All our Aeration systems, like our floating fountains, come with a 1 year warranty on all parts and labor.

Aeration Cabnet
Aerator Hose

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Solar Powered Aeration
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